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Personalised copy of Keshav (India).

Also signed by the author.


Book Description


The age-old questions:

Why am I not happy?

Why am I not satisfied in life?

Why is everything falling apart?


In this book, Vinay Sutaria challenges everything you might think you know about the path to happiness, peace, and fulfilment.

With hard-hitting truths, anecdotes and stories, Vinay draws on a vast body of work, from the ancient seers to modern science, to show us why we are dissatisfied in life.


Through an insightful three-part journey into our being, exploring the terrains of the body, mind, and soul, we learn how we can live the focused life.


You will learn to:

Understand the roots of suffering and alleviate pain.

Refresh your outlook on life and others.

Redefine your goals to align with your purpose.

Take back control of your life.


The question now is:

Are you ready to live the focused life?

Keshav - Signed Edition (India)

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