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Personalised Signed Copy - Conversations with Keshav: Part One (India)


Book Description


Struggle. Pain. Misery.
Such universal flaws of existence seem to affect every being on this planet.
For some, the trials of life are overpowering. For others, a bored status quo prevails, and for a minority, mountains are pounded to dust in the search for meaning and happiness. Within the depths of every individual’s heart, there is a deep yearning. A need to know why?

Why are we alive?
Why do we experience problems?
Why are we here?
In the search for answers to these uncertainties, who do we turn to?
Where do we seek true clarity and inner solace?

Conversations with Keshav seeks to explore these terrains through a spiritual and personal perspective, shining light on some of the most profound and practical wisdom of human civilisation.

Conversations with Keshav: Part One (India - Signed Edition)

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